Parks Australia eTicketing system is a simple way for visitors to Kakadu National Park to purchase a park pass online, from retail shopfronts and through other partnerships such as Commercial Tour Operators and Retailers.

It allows Independant Travelers to purchase tickets ahead of time, and modify tickets to suite their changing travel plans. It also allows Commercial Tour Operators to purchase tickets on a just-in-time basis to avoid the cost of keeping pre-purchased tickets in stock. It also allows retailers the same convenience, the ability to sell tickets without having to invest in stock.

Register your organisation as a Commercial Partner

If you organisation is not already Registered as a Commercial Partner then contact Parks Australia. This only needs to be done once per organisation.

Parks Australia will create a record for your organisation in the system, and will set up one person as an administrator of that account. This administrator wil then be able to manage manage accounts for your organisation (including other administrator accounts). This can also be done over the counter at Parks Australia office or Visitor Center.

See also:
  • howoto-register-org

Register a user account

This only needs to be done once per person.

Each person who can access the system needs to have an account. Rather than creating yet-another user name and password for you to remember, you can use a social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, Google or GitHub to log into the eTicketing system. If you are unable to use one of these services from your workplace, contact Parks for an alternative (local) account.

When Parks Australia first sets up an reseller organisation, they create an administrative account for someone in the organisation. This person (Admin Account) will be able to create, delete and modify user accounts for that organisation, including granting and revoking administrative priveleges to other users.

See also:
  • Retail Administrator: Create new accounts by sending an invitation
  • Retail Administrator: Approve a new account application
  • Retail Administrator: Grant and revoke priveleges to a user account
  • Retail Administrator: Remove users from your organisation

Getting Help

TODO: phone numbers, urls and email addresses for these...

  • 24/7 email/telephone helpdesk (technical difficulties)
  • 24/7 telephone helpdesk - assisted digital ticket sales
  • Business Hours: email/telephone/shopfront - register as CTO or Retailer
  • online user support forum

Feedback always welcome; Any user can make comments, raise issues or suggestions in our github account. That’s also the best place to get support if you want to run your own version of the software (this is open source software).